Internet of Things (IoT)

Our modern, intuitive and easy to use interfaces, be they responsive web, tablet or mobile, work smoothly with CargoWise. Our deep logistics experience and strong UI/UX skills allow you to get the most out of your preferred SCM.

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KeenEye : Logistics Solutions

If you run your business on CargoWise then you will know why we do what we do. CargoWise is a very powerful solution but what it can’t do is be the interface that your clients, agents and internal users.

Do your clients want to see Track & Trace, get push notifications when key milestones are hit ? Or do they want to make their requests for a quote directly via a web interface ? If so then we can help you.

Case Studies

Check out what we have done for some selected clients for logistics companies.


We are firm believers and practitioners of Agile. Our Production team, and even our HR and Finance team use Jira and Trello to make processes much easier. Following are a few top technologies we are proficient in: